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get the best customize house plan as per your requirement and create unique and luxurious floor planning with a furniture layout share these requirment 

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1 bhk house plan

1 bhk house plan design with 1 bedroom hall kitchen with common toilet and attached late bath with master bedroom

1 bhk house plan is useful for small family houses with a small size of land or for more open space like parking and garden this kind of house plan ar


2 bhk floor plan

get a floor plan with 2 bedrooms and a hall kitchen if you can make both bedrooms a master bedroom with attached late bath

get a 2 bhk floor plan as per vastu just provide your house facing  like north, south, east and west facing


3 bhk home plan

get the best 3 bedroom hall kitchen home plan for a villa or bungalow house get a spacious 3 bedroom with more open space for natural light and air

give your home a luxury touch with our best 3 bhk home plan design 


4 bhk house map

best house map for 4 bedroom hall kitchen generally 4 bhk require a good land area but in some cases, we can make 4bhk house map in small spaces as well

get an ultra-modern house map for 4 bedrooms from the expert in the industry 

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A house plan is a set of detailed drawing and specifications that show the layout, design, and construction details of a home. like size and door window position. It typically includes floor plans.

A house plan is necessary for builders and contractors to accurately construct your home. It also helps you visualize the design and layout of your home before construction begins.

You can find house plans online through various websites or hire an architect to create a custom plan for you.

The cost of a house plan varies depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the home. A custom plan can cost anywhere from 3000 inr to 5,000 or more, while pre-designed plans may cost less.

Yes, you can make changes to a house plan. However, depending on the extent of the changes, it may require additional fees or require a new custom plan to be created.

The time it takes to create a house plan varies depending on the complexity of the design and the architect’s workload. A custom plan can take 2 to 3 days to 1 week to complete.

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